Magnific Popup - responsive lightbox jquery plugin for gallery and popup

Live edit your lightbox to make them responsive with Magnific Popup plugin and watch the preview. Get a working prototype with code snippets right away!

Browser Support
Gallery mode
Element 1 link
Element 1 type
Image Video Google Maps

Element 1 Title
Element 2 link
Element 2 type
Image Video Google Maps

Element 2 Title
Element 3 link
Element 3 type
Image Video Google Maps

Element 3 Title
Show popup image title
Popup type
Image Video Google Maps Custom HTML Popup

Show zoom cursor
Show Title
Display close button
Close button outside popup content
Close popup on content click
Close popup on background click
Escape key will close popup
Modal indow behaviour
Align popup to top of page
Fade effect
Zoom effect
Zoom duration
Delay before removing popup
Image source ie. link
Image Title
Image thumbnail link
Video source ie. link
Google map source ie. link
Popup Content
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